Ever had a moment, one of those eureka style moments, where you think 'Wouldn't it be great if there was an app for that'? We all have them, and generally they tend to be passing thoughts that come and go.

We think its high time to stop these thoughts just passing through your mind, next time you find yourself in a eureka moment, tell us! And you may just see your app come to life!


09th Feb '13

myZooby Shop is coming very soon! Click here to see our host of smartphone, tablet and phablet accessories!


27th Apr '12

Fly By Birdy is now out! Click here and see if you can beat the Birdies!


12th Jan '12

Kliik app released!! Join the revolution.


08th Nov '11

Company re-launched with a brand new name!


20th Sep '11

Website launched!


14th Sep '11

Next app idea being designed! Busy times...


10th Aug '11

Design completed for first app! Currently being coded...should be released near the end of September!

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